Collective Disaster Capitalism

The Biosphere and Solar System, that I/ We reside in as Spiritual Beings in a Mammalian Form! Based upon indigenous Biological Altruism. The Human for is Trillions of cells generating a mosaic of symbiotic relationships! There is only one life form I/ We know of that requires technology, and the Free Flow of Objective Data and open discourse! To continuously adapt to an ever changing Biosphere I/ We inhabit with several Kingdoms more powerful than a lone species in a Kingdom of dysfunctional Beings who have been indoctrinated into a non sustainable system of Data Filtration! By what has become the Ministry of Propaganda! The Bear Flag Re Public Pro Constitutionalist’s have awakened I/We our Slumbering Bear of Collective Capitalism! The Re Colonization of the America’s is by no means complete! With the Collapse of the Unionist Federalist Mercantilist Landed Gentry Torrey’s! It’s a whole new Jeffersonian Jacksonian Cyber Event! The only Federally Recognized Charitable Organization based upon the Indigenous Medicinal Cannabinol R&D Agricultural Industry! Nor Cal CGA@ est 1971 Woodsbridge, Ca in the midst of the 1960s-70s San Joaquin County Wine Wars with the Gallo Cartel! That battle was lost, but not the conflict to control our lands Collectively for the benefit of the whole! The Golden Thread is Shining Bright! MWM

Bill Text – AB-2020 Cannabis: local jurisdiction licensees: temporary event license.

Bill Text – AB-2020 Cannabis: local jurisdiction licensees: temporary event license.
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Ola! It was a 221 year multigenerational journey to establis these codes for MAMS@ Music Artists Objective Science and the Golden Thread! To gather upon Common Ground@ To Collectively Determine the past/ future trajectory of Humanity in the present! Through the Nor Cal CGA@ Non Profit Member Owned/Operated R&D Agricultural Marketing Collective Cooperative model! To educate and implement management and Marketing provided by The CaSunBuds@ consortium of Divisions/ Companies & Affiliates of MAMS@/ Nor Cal CGA@/ CaSunBuds@/ Fourtwo3R&D@! County by county State by State the Re Public Pro Constitutionalist’s for of our ever re evolving Re Public Pro Constitutionalist’s Union of Independent states collectiveslly meeting the needs of I/We our Clients/ Constituates who Shine Bright!

Collective Capitalism is the rule of the Adaptive Paradigm Shift under way! Out of the Ashes the Phoenix and the Slumbering Bear of our Bear Flag Re Public! Join I/ We at Musicians Against Multiple Sclerosis@EIN 81-2826388


Adaptive Collectivity

It is time to implement the Adaptive Sustainable Collective Organic Fractal Farming@ Model!

To take the opportunity that the Re discovery of the Re Entry Agricultural Indigenous Cannabinoid Produce!

Hemp provides nutritional, building Materials, Clothing etc. similar to the Fungi/ Mycelium crops that create the cornerstone of SCOFF!

Shine Bright!


The Bending Paradigm!

Ola! Thy Fellow Republic of Americans!

It has finally arrived! The Hubristic Nihilism of those who believe they are creating a New World Order. By turning our Republic into a Communist Fascist Marxist Socialist Society! Have deluded them selves. Even the “ Herd!” Is getting very restless and concerned. The only way to alter this trajectory is for those who hold dear to their heart the US Constitution and the Articles of Independence! I am atop the DNA, as many of you. Who has been fighting the debt based Roman system since 700AD. I/We arrived in the NC VC Colony in 1638. In California I/We have been here since 1801.

I posses all the biographies and data to defend thy DNA. The trick was accessing it through the Gma born in 1888 and the other in 1901. Even the Great Uncle Michael Ryan I met.

The wisdom imparted by many beautiful beings in Hospice and Life is incalculable. They Professors became peers and friends after 26 years! Always take a moment to exchange data!

Shine Bright!



The Template of Nor Cal CGA@

This is the result of multiple generations! It is verbatim of the infamous ” California Cannabis Controle’.” Presented to Gov Brown in 2008, Attorney General Kamala Harris Esq., and Secretary of Agriculture Miss Karen Ross. As well to Miss Lori Ajax and every dept head at the Karen Ross Secretary of Agriculture’s arrangement! Little did Miss Ajax realize who I am and Who and what I represent, the status of the industry. How to re introduce an agricultural produce for human consumption-Track/trace is already an established system. Three days later the Huffington post released ” the only way the current members of the cannabis industry will survive is with the California Agriculture Cooperative Collective model! It’s time to roll! Set the agenda! I’ll arrive! Podcasts and YouTube is set to start this week. Advertisers sponsors investors welcome! I am available to disseminate the system.

Shine Bright!

So that I/We can see you!

Thank you



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