The Template of Nor Cal CGA@

This is the result of multiple generations! It is verbatim of the infamous ” California Cannabis Controle’.” Presented to Gov Brown in 2008, Attorney General Kamala Harris Esq., and Secretary of Agriculture Miss Karen Ross. As well to Miss Lori Ajax and every dept head at the Karen Ross Secretary of Agriculture’s arrangement! Little did Miss Ajax realize who I am and Who and what I represent, the status of the industry. How to re introduce an agricultural produce for human consumption-Track/trace is already an established system. Three days later the Huffington post released ” the only way the current members of the cannabis industry will survive is with the California Agriculture Cooperative Collective model! It’s time to roll! Set the agenda! I’ll arrive! Podcasts and YouTube is set to start this week. Advertisers sponsors investors welcome! I am available to disseminate the system.

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925/464-8402 PST

MAMS@/Nor Cal CGA@

The Template of Change. Collective Capitalism of the California Cannabis Agriculture Industry and the Cal Can CDFA ambassador’s for Sustainable Agriculture. Combined with a new business model based upon Mobility Synchronicity Connectivity and Creativity! With low overhead by removing building expense with the Spaces@, We Works@ format! Adding low cost live work facilities strategically located. Supplementing our Live Work 1000 acre SCOFF@ Model Farms!also strategical in selection of these dying agriculture towns of the San Joaquin! To bring the logistics to the Genuine 100% petro Chemical free organic Produce from the 13 cultivation zones! Every component serves multiple functions all connected by filaments! Just as this universe of protons functions! Cooperative or Collective Capitalism has nothing to do with any other ism! The Israeli Kibbutz agriculture-model put in place in 1952-57 is the same system Nor Cal CGA@ utilizes. Excuse the errors/ typos. It would behoove any being or group wanting to be involved in the California Cannabis Agriculture Industry to read the California Agriculture Cooperative Collective codes! It has significant improvements since the California Grape Growers Association@ and William Woods McCausland went to battle against Gallo. Fiscal Responsibility is needed in this transitioning agriculture industry! 2021 is the 50 th orbit since seeing this in 1971 while pruning Tokay Vines 85 years old! Wine does not go with Cannabis! It temporarily wipes your pallet out ( Cannabis). However the best drink of the vine Brandy and Cognac go perfectly. Our trademarked blends cold water Hashish and Rosin fit nicely with Cognac. The Wine goes best with Essential oil from the Waters company Super Critical CO2 Centrifugal extraction. 100% Phyto Cannibinol and turpines. No solvents ( anti freeze) required with a ceramic system vs the wick! Eventually the Phenotype and Genotype specific time each 13 zones will be how the varieties will be marketed! The California Cannabis Controle’!

Let’s get this Rodeo started with The Barbary Coast California Cannabis Constitutional Convention!

With the River Run from Sacramento to Treasure Island! The Dario Ceragioli MAMS@ Inaugural Treasure Island River Run Music Auction Festival live streamed pay per view! For those who do not know Dario Ceragioli. He is a multi award winning sound engineer that started with Bill Gram in the 1970s completing his Emmy Gold Platinum Record Career. Who suffers horridly from Multiple Sclerosis. He is also a Rice Farmer. Which brings I to the purpose of the music circuit through the fire zones of Nor Cal. I/ We shall never forget our farmers!

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Check out our Go Fund Me, as Well as any other tax donations can be sent to Bank of the West Campbell Ca! EIN:81-2826388

Contact I and I can give you the rest!

Who says I/ We can not change the trajectory of humanity! I/ We are the Universe! A universe of unlimited energy love and creativity!

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Michael Woods McCausland

Ceo The Architect!

Musicians Against Multiple Sclerosis: EIN:81-2826388, MAMS@/Nor Cal CGA@/ CaSunBuds@/ Nor Cal CGA Associates@/ Fourtwo3R&D@

Collectively capitalizing to Monopolize the California Cannabis Agriculture Industry into a True Collective Model! Bending the Paradigm!


C Corp Collective Capitalism in the California Cannabis Industry! MWM

C Corp Collective Capitalism in the California Cannabis Industry! MWM
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C Corp Collective Capitalism in the California Cannabis Industry! MWM

The Template
Nor Cal CGA@

Musicians Against Multiple Sclerosis@
Is the NGO!
The Non Profit
The California Cannabis Agriculture Industry@
Nor Cal CGA@
Implemented Managed and Marketed

Independently Funded
Beholden to the Truth!
Not suppression!

In 1971. I was preparing to prune 85 year old Tokay Grapes. The Blending Grape extraordinary for Cognac, second to none. I was ten years old. As with all the nature in thy journey. Flora and Fauna speak if one listens. On this day. It gave me the vision of today. I have been doing so. Ever since the day. When all thy Father William Woods McCausland. A master viticulturist Farmer arborist geologist, Meteorologist, veterinarian, healer, visionary. Who at the age of 16 years was running fruit orchards up to 2000 acres all over the San JoaquinValley, Diablo Valley, and Santa Clara Valley’s. He pressed hay with a six mule team. To developing the Bay Area with the likes of the Bechtels. Shappels, Sceno etc. as I was preparing to prune these beautiful old vines. One had to learn how to prune Tokays. It required master pruning skills. I saw , what my Father had said,” Hemp should go for miles. To wean ourselves off petro chemical Mono Cropping!”

In 200 years that Soil upon the Mokulime River Flood plane. The bio mass is meters deep. I saw Cannabis! It solved the issue of the San Joaquin County Wine Wars of the 1960s/70s. When the California Grape Growers Assoc@ attempted to have a true farmer member owned collective.

Fast forward to 2017. After years of utilizing a Name that stands adopt the DNA that I am! To get access to the compartmentalized CDFA! Success arrived when all that I/ We requested off existing law. I / We obtained. Just as the infamous California Cannabis Controle’ Document discussed with Lori Ajax and every CDFA department! The Huffington Post reporter wrote the article confirming the logic.

Here I/ We stand launching a multigenerational journey that has just begun!

Shine Bright with I/ Us this is an organic designed system to provide the people with the tools to fix the paradigm from within the system.

Musicians Against Multiple Sclerosis@/ Nor Cal CGA @/ CaSunBuds@/ Fourtwo3R&D@ is for all!

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